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Luxury Train Tours Sri Lanka by Luxury Trains in Sri Lanka. Book from Colombo to Galle Train Tour, Colombo to Jaffna Train Tour, Kandy to Ella luxury Train Tour. Experience Sri Lanka in an exciting way with Sri Lanka luxury rail tours itinerary, the best option for an intense view of the natural beauty across the island in Luxury Style. We are pleased to introduce you our new luxury train tours which combines traveling by luxury vehicles and trains.

In the 19th Century, during the British occupation of Sri Lanka, British constructed the railway lines in Sri Lanka and started the Railway service in Sri Lanka to transport Tea from the Hill country estates to Colombo Port and imported goods to the interior of the Island. So Sri Lanka’s hill country Railway line goes through Tea Estates, thus making the train journey a scenic ride.Trains in Sri Lanka are a very adventurous travelling option and also the best way to explore the natural beauty of the country. When inside a train, you have the comfort of walking around, you are free to use the toilet whenever needed and you can converse with other travellers and locals, eat food, read a book or simply look outside the window and indulge in the dramatic landscape of Sri Lanka while listening to some enjoyable music in your ears. If you are interested in an adventurous rail tour Sri Lanka experience, simply let us know when and with whom you wish to travel and we will make the relevant train seat bookings according to your itinerary.

Colombo to Galle Train Tour

Colombo to Galle Train Tour

The train from Colombo to Galle travels first through the city, right along the coast and then into the countryside close to the sea. The scenery is different to the hill country but no less impressive. A great part of the enchantment of the Sri Lanka trains, apart from the scenery is the peacefulness of the people relaxing, looking out the windows and occasionally eating wade a snack made of Dahl lentils and spices.

Departure TimeEnd TimeType
06.35 AM09.19 AMExpress Train
08.17 AM10.49 AMExpress Train
10.30 AM12.42 PMExpress Train
14.19 PM16.33 PMColombo Commuter
15.44 PM17.34 PMExpress Train
16.44 PM18.45 PMLong Distance
17.29 PM20.10 PMLong Distance
17.34 PM21.13 PMColombo Commuter
17.55 PM20.28 PMExpress Train
18.50 PM22.58 PMNight Mail Train

Colombo to Jaffna Train Tour

Colombo to Jaffna Train Tour

The train ride from Colombo to Jaffna is a long one and traverses all types of terrain. From the coast to the hillside and to the Main City at Colombo. This train is commonly full of Tamil people then going on to Jaffna in the north.

Departure TimeEnd TimeType
06.17 AM14.37 PMLong Distance
11.50 AM18.15 PMA.C. – Intercity
20.30 PM5.10 AMNight Mail Train

Kandy to Ella Luxury Train Tour

Kandy to Badulla Train Tour

It’s hard to forget the experience of taking the train through Sri Lankan Tea Country. Nothing compares to the cold air that comes in through the windows and the endless rolling hills of tea plantations and lush forests. Also you can enjoy the beautiful waterfall, rivers & mountain sceneries in this train journey.The Eastern train route take you from Kandy to Badulla.

Departure TimeEnd TimeType
8.40 AM16.06 PMExpress Train
11.03 AM18.22 PMExpress Train
Best Sri Lanka’s Scenic Train Tours with Absolute Lanka Tours. Do nothing but sit back, relax, and enjoy the most breathtaking scenery ever!

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