Village Life in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is blessed with a countryside which can soothe even the most savage and restless heart. Picturesque views of the hill country, canopies of green trees proving cover to the many forests and jungles and beaches of every kind of which one is in the heart of the city, Colombo.

Visitors looking for every type of holiday-lazing along the beach, watching the amazing sunrises, sunsets and incredible ocean views, vigorous adventure-filled forays into the wilderness, absorbing the cultural background of a 2500 year old history or immersing into the lifestyle of a rural country life – can find them in this tiny isle known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

Rural life in the countryside is fascinating and the villagers are extremely sociable. Each village tends to be inhabited by entire family generations and spending time in a Sri Lankan village can be rejuvenating. Most of the villagers are curious about visitors from foreign lands and will take the time to chat about themselves. It is possible to receive open invitations for tea or dinner and the simple village food in rustic surroundings has its own enjoyable taste. Their lifestyle can include bakery, coconut tree climbing fishing, farming and wood carving along with many other aspects of livelihood.

From the cultural belt to the hill country and the coastal regions of Sri Lanka, village life forms the backbone of the country. Many villages have their own form of governance and follow the traditional way of Sri Lankan life as it was practiced in the past.

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