Western Music in Sri Lanka


Baila is a popular form of Western music in Sri Lanka. It originated among African slaves who were brought to the Sri Lanka in the 16th century. It entered the mainstream in the 1960s and is still a popular form of entertainment. Concerts are regularly held in towns such as Chillaw and Negombo.

Rock music, hip hop, electronic and house all have quite a following on the Sri Lanka among the younger generation, while fans of soul and blues will also find the occasional gig or concert. The Ceylonese Rugby & Football Club organizes Sunday Jazz in the afternoon, and Barefoot Café hosts live jazz most Sunday lunchtimes. Rhythm & Blues has regular live music performances from a range of genres, and the Big Ears Music Series, which takes place at the Musicmatters institute every other Friday, is known for electric performances by students.

Colombo also has a thriving Western classical music scene, with performances mainly by Sri Lankan artists. The Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka and the Chamber Music Society of Colombo are among the prominent music companies. Detailed schedules are listed on their websites.

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